Large Format 3D Printing with Speed & Precision

The need to produce larger and sharper outputs with additive manufacturing is always increasing.  While we all want the capability to print large sized objects, as the model scale increases linearly, the build volume envelope needed increases by even more.  A print volume of 8 cubic inch for a 2” x 2” x 2” object will increase 8 fold to 64 cubic inches even though if we just double the object size to 4” x 4” x 4”.  Other equally important considerations are the time required to print and the precision of the output that can be delivered.

The BigRep STUDIO has been developed specially to address a combination of all these aspects – size, speed and accuracy.  A product of German Engineering and design the BigRep STUDIO allows a generous print volume to create sizable and high-quality 3D prints in one go.


Product Features

Accessibility plus Safety

While sliding doors provide full access to the operator, the closed print space allows better safety for indoor uses. Especially relevant to educational and corporate environments.

Ease of Setup & Movement

The machine can disassembled into 2 halves when required to be moved thru small sized entrances or narrow doors.  The reduced weight also makes it easier for transporting.

Optimized for Speed & Precision

Supporting wide range of high temperature filaments and flexible materials, the direct drive extruder enables faster prints with greater accuracy.

Ergonomic with Intuitive UI

Instead of the ground level print-bed, it features a raised platform giving an ergonomic working height.  This arrangement provides ample filament storage space below.  The BigRep STUDIO comes with a large color touch screen giving a user friendly control interface to work with.

Key Benefits & Applications

Unveiled at the formnext 2016 show, the BigRep STUDIO is a new addition to the BigRep stable of products.  Offering a print volume of 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm (smaller than the flagship BigRep ONE printer) it is still apt for large format 3D printing applications and at the same time being easily movable and installable.  Unlike the open to air concept large sized 3D printers, the BigRep STUDIO’s large build volume within a closed frame makes it suitable to be housed in any location.

Equipped with a 0.6 mm nozzle that provides rapid, higher resolution prints capable to delivering print layer resolution of 300 microns.  Works well with high temperature filaments such as BigRep’s PRO-HT besides the usual filament range.

Just like the BigRep ONE this machine can be used for a range of applications from industrial prototyping to design products that are ready to use.  From Lawn mower parts to architectural models, it has a plethora of applications in the field of architecture, engineering and prototyping.


See video about BigRep’s new product for fast & precise additive manufacturing

BigRep STUDIO. Buy a large format print capability with speed & precision

Printer Usage & Operation

The BigRep STUDIO is easily transportable and can be installed with little hassle.  In fact, the compact structure was designed to alleviate the installation problems faced with larger BigRep ONE printer.

The single direct-drive extruder can be set to use a 0.6mm nozzle, making large prints complete quickly.  It also features an option for dual extrusion.  The STUDIO can print PLA and PETG, as well as BigRep’s own PRO HT high temperature PLA-like material.

The multi-touch enabled color screen provides the operator a GUI thru an on-board industrial top PC.

Technical Specifications

Build Volume (mm): x500 y1000 z500

Gross Weight: 250 kg

Product Size: X:102cm Y:166cm Z:150cm

Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Layer Resolution: 200 – 400 microns

Extruder: 1 extruder with filament cooling fan, option for dual extrusion

Nozzle Diameter: 0.6 mm

Materials: Big BigRep PLA, BigRep PETG, BigRep PRO HT (115°C High Temperature Resistant Filament)

Software: Simplify 3D

File Type: .stl

GUI: On-board with a top performance PC

Large-sized Additive Fabrication in South-East Asia

The fairly large print space within a closed frame makes the BigRep STUDIO well-positioned for educational and business applications.  It is best suited for design studios, engineering companies and academia wanting to fabricate in-house from initial concept to end product.  Companies and enthusiasts active in the additive manufacturing in Singapore can now benefit from BigRep’s latest product offering.  3D Bots is proud to bring the BigRep STUDIO in Singapore, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries with local sales & customer support.

For a FREE demo of the BigRep STUDIO or other similar 3D printing machines

For a FREE demo of the BigRep STUDIO or other similar 3D printing machines

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