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Medical, Professional and Industrial Applications

Founded in 2002 by engineer entrepreneur Al Siblani, EnvisionTEC is a leading global provider of professional-grade 3D printing solutions.

EnvisionTEC owns rights for intellectual properties that cover more than 100 patents and 70 proprietary materials. Its exceptional range of 3D printing equipment caters to the large of pool of EnvisionTEC clients in the professional, industrial and medical fields across the globe.

The company operates from two corporate head offices: one in Gladbaeck, Germany and the other in Michigan, Metro Detroit.  Its primary production facility is in the Greater Los Angeles area with additional Materials Research facilities in Montreal, US, and Software Development units in Kiev, Ukraine.

EnvisionTEC Product Line &Technology

EnvisionTEC’s multi-platform 3D Printer technology spells top precision, optimum surface quality, smooth functionality, and superior production speeds.  The extensive product range of its 3D printers are divided into 8 groups or families, each with their own unique features and offerings

Micro 3D Printer Family
Compact, professional grade, desktop 3D printer and manufacturing system, easy to maintain, user friendly, designed for high quality models.
Perfactory Desktop 3D Printer Family
Top price to performance ratio, suited to small to medium sized organisations.
Perfactory 4 Standard 3D Printer Family

Low cost, easy to maintain, user friendly, perfect for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

Perfactory 4 Mini 3D Printer Family
Higher resolution and smaller build plate than the Perfactory Standard, all other features being the same.
Ultra 3SP 3D Printer Family
3SP – scan, spin and selective photocure, quick printing of complex geometries, delivered and installed with software that enables automatic generation of supports and model production.
Large Frame 3D Printer Family

Includes the Vector 3SP, Xtreme 3SP and Xede 3SP, large format for big 3D parts, high speed printing with no compromise on surface quality and accuracy, quick printing of complex geometries. Also includes:
Xtreme 8K DLP  | Xtreme 8K DLP Ortho

3D – Bioplotter

3D-Bioplotter is the most advanced bioprinter in the market, backed by the most research (150+ research papers). It processes open-source biomaterials using air or mechanical pressure to a syringe, which can fabricate scaffolds to create tissue, organs and more. All models meet standards for clinical trials. Includes:
3D-Bioplotter Starter Series  | 3D-Bioplotter Developer Series  | 3D-Bioplotter Manufacturer Series

Continuous (CDLM) DLP Printers

A twist on EnvisionTec’s DLP technology, this process allows for continuous motion of the build plate to deliver exceptional build speeds. Includes :
Envision One Dental  | Envision One MechanicalEnvision One HTVIDA HD CDLM

Desktop DLP Printers

Professional-grade desktop 3D printer family which uses advanced DLP technology offering build sizes up to 71.7 cubic inches, accuracy levels down to 30 microns and a truly impressive surface finish that means little to no post-processing. Includes:
D4K Pro Dental  | D4K Pro Jewelry

Collectively the 40 over range of print machines are based on six main technologies namely – Digital Light Processing (DLP), Scan, Spin & Selectively Photocure (3SP), Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM), Bioprinting, Selective Lamination Composite Object Manufacturing (SLCOM) and Robotic Additive Manufacturing (RAM)

Key Differentiators for EnvisionTEC

EnvisionTEC’s most outstanding and advantageous quality is its massive range of printers, amounting to more than 40 different varieties, with focus on specific rapid manufacturing sectors.  These include – 3D Jewellery design of which EnvisionTEC is a major player; the hearing aid sector of which EnvisionTEC has captured more than 60% of the global market; and the Digital Dentistry space where its 3D printers are widely utilised owing to cost reduction in the materials, labour and superior clinical quality.

Awards & Recognition

Envision has been accredited with –

Entrepreneur Award

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 awarded to EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani

Best in Show

Awarded “Best in Show” at the RAPID 2014 Conference and Exhibition. With over 120 exhibitors and attendance numbering over 5,000 of the world’s foremost experts in 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing in Singapore

The Singapore manufacturing sector is fast changing to embrace the new wave of additive manufacturing. While the major Logistics player, UPS and Fast Radius are setting up a 3D Printing factory, the Singapore government has already launched a Centre of Excellence towards Research and Development in the 3D printing sector.

Apart from impacting the agriculture, healthcare and traditional manufacturing industries, we are also seeing development in the rapid prototyping industries.

3D Bots brings to market EnvisionTEC products to clients in Singapore and Malaysia.  For a product orientation and demonstration
3D Bots brings to market EnvisionTEC products to clients in Singapore and Malaysia.  For a product orientation and demonstration
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