Builder Extreme 2000 PRO

The Builder Extreme 2000 PRO is one of the biggest large format 3D printers available on the market.

The maximum print volume is 700x700x1700 mm (XYZ). The Extreme 2000 PRO is equipped with the elements that make large-scale 3D printing worry free. The features such as filament detection and UPS system that resumes the print after power outage make it a reliable machine for print jobs taking even hundreds of hours. At the same time the door locking system, BOFA air filter and 7-inch touch display make it a user-friendly, professional yet affordable 3D printer. The included accessory kit contains a 0.4, 0.8 and a 1.2 mm nozzles and necessary maintenance tools.

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Hardware Specs

FDM/FFF (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Print head
Mono- or Dual-Feed extruder developed in-house

Build size
700x700x1700 mm (XYZ)

Filament diameter
1.75 mm

Layer height resolution
0.2 – 0.9 mm
(depending on the nozzle)

Print speed
up to 300 mm/s
Depending on geometry of part and nozzle size

Travel speed
up to 500 mm/s

Build plate
Heated aluminium build plate

Heated bed
up to 60 °C (heated in 10 minutes, 230 V)

Bed leveling
automatic build plate leveling

Physical Dimensions


Machine Dimensions
1340x1050x2240 mm (LxWxH)

Shipping Dimensions
1410x1100x2380 mm (LxWxH)




1.75 mm

1.75 mm

PRO1 (ABS replacement)
1.75 mm

Flexible filaments
1.75 mm



Supplied software

File format


The Unique Features of the Builder Extreme

Easy to use interface

The 7-inch touchscreen allows you to have full control over the Extreme 2000 PRO and the printed object. You can control the nozzle and bed temperature, but also adjust the light, perform the filament change and many more. With the on-board camera you can check the progress of the print directly from your mobile device.

Dual-Feed extruder

The innovative and versatile direct drive extruder has been designed in-house for the continuous 24/7 printing. The Dual-Feed extruder is able to print dual-coloured objects, but can also be used as a mono extruder when inserting 2 of the same filament spools. The easy to swap nozzle can be replaced for the one of a smaller/bigger diameter in order to optimize print quality vs time.

Fully closed housing

The fully closed housing combined with the heated bed positively influences the print quality of the object but also reduces the sound of the machine by 40%. The transparent doors allow you to monitor the printing process at all times.


The Extreme 2000 PRO has been designed efficiently in order to incorporate all of its key features without sacrificing the print volume. Despite its huge operating area, the Extreme 2000 PRO is optimal for all workspaces. The filament spools and control box are integrated in the closed housing and open for easy access, when slightly pushing the panels. The 7-inch touchscreen is ergonomically placed at a level comfortable for the user.

Contact us for more info on Builder 3D printers, our experts are always happy to help
Contact us for more info on Builder 3D printers, our experts are always happy to help
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