World’s Fastest Industrial 3D Printer. Period.

XiP Pro is an industrial resin 3D printer delivering highest production throughput at the lowest cost of operation. Offering the largest build volume and fastest print speed in its class, its unrivaled productivity allows you to produce functional prototypes and final use parts at previously unattainable production economics. Its state of the art, LCD-based VAT photopolymerization process using the patented Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring (LSPc) technology delivers high accuracy, excellent dimensional stability, and superb surface quality.

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Printer Features

Large Build Volume

With a 19.5L build volume, XiP Pro delivers the daily throughput of 4+ other industrial resin-based printers, allowing you to dramatically change the economics of your 3D printing production, on top of reducing your investment in equipment. 

Material Versatility

Offering a broad range of high-performance manufacturing materials, ranging from strong and durable resins, like xABS, xPP, and xCE to elastomeric materials, like xFLEX475 and xFLEX405, XiP Pro is an open platform printer, meaning material options are virtually limitless. 


Superb Accuracy and Surface Quality

Not only does XiP Pro offer outstanding speed and throughput capabilities, it boasts a cutting-edge 7K resolution LCD screen with 46 µm pixel size and 23 µm sub-pixel resolution using antialiasing technology. 

Blazing Fast Print Speed

Tradeoffs have always been a key component of 3D printing – if you want speed, you have to compromise on quality. Not anymore. With industry leading print speed of up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour, XiP Pro can produce its entire build volume in under two hours. 

Additional Features

Industrial Capacity, Small Footprint

Solid billet aluminum unibody frame provides strength, durability, and z-stage stability for maximum precision and reliability, all packaged to fit in any setting.

Intuitive NexaX Software

NexaX Pro is a powerful print-prep software that allows for easy file import, analysis, repair, and remote printing with fleet monitoring.

Smart Resin Delivery System

From smart resin cartridges, to a suite of on-board sensors that automatically optimize each print, to auto-homing, XiP Pro makes every print job a breeze.

Printing & Post Processing

xWASH and xCURE provide a powerful one two post-processing punch for hassle free washing and post-curing of your large XiP Pro builds.

Modularity and Simple Serviceability

XiP Pro’s upgradable architecture and use of latest LSPc® technology make it a sustainable investment built to last.

Five Star Service Plan

Evercare is Nexa3D’s premium service plan that provides on-call experts for an added peace of mind and personalized 3D printing technical support.

Environmental Monitoring System

An advanced sensor suite including environmental monitoring to help ensure print to print consistency on the production floor.



Build Volume

Build Dimensions
292 x 163 x 410 mm (11.5 x 6.4 x 16.10 in)

Modular / Upgradeable

Billet Aluminum

10″ High-Resolution LCD Touchscreen

LCD Resolution
7K (6480 x 3600)

Open System

Pixel Size
46 µm

Print Resolution
25 µm – 200 µm

Product Dimensions
622 x 447 x 895 mm (24.5 x 17.6 x 35.25 in)

NexaX Pro or NexaX Basic

Validated Materials
19+ (updated monthly)


Printed Parts

Contact us for more info on Nexa3D printers, our experts are always happy to help

Contact us for more info on Nexa3D printers, our experts are always happy to help

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