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Factories of the future

Industrial 3D printing is fast gaining popularity and industry watchers opine that it will soon become indispensable. Additive manufacturing may not replace traditional manufacturing, but will surely complement it in several sectors. The 3D printing market has grown by about 30% year-over-year, and it is set to triple in revenue over the next four years.

Industrial grade 3D printers differ from consumer grade printers because of its ability to create industrial-quality, fully functional, end-use parts. These commercial printers have large capacities and can deliver objects with greater resolution, strength and durability. They can print with a multitude of extremely durable materials such as metal, carbon fibre, high-temperature filaments

Commercial 3D printers run on different technologies such as fused deposition modelling (FDM), stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), polyjet printing to name a few. While choosing a commercial printer, your decision should be based on what you will be printing, and what material is best suited for that application.

Applications of Industrial 3D printers

The versatility and functionality offered by additive manufacturing opens the door to countless applications. Industries such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, food, and jewellery have been early adopters.



3D Printed car parts are already being used in manufacturing and car frames and will follow soon. Companies like Bentley use 3D printing to manufacture small, complex parts for their cars.


Companies like GE, Airbus, Boeing, and BAE Systems are raising the bar on manufacturing technologies and processes by producing complex and high-strength parts using industrial grade print machines.


3D printing is already being extensively used for healthcare purposes. Hearing aids, jaw transplants, dental and orthodontic models, hip implants etc. are already being manufactured on 3D printers.


Jewellers are adopting 3D printers to create wax or resin moulds that are used to cast precious metal to create beautiful designs that would otherwise be impossible to create by traditional methods.

Our Product Portfolio

3D Bots brings these 3D printers in the industrial 3D printing space –


Xact Metal XM200C

  • High performance & affordable metal printer
  • Create metal parts directly from a 3D-CAD model
  • Intuitive Touchscreen User Interface
  • Easy Access & Cleaning of Build Area
  • Cloud connectivity of one or more printers is also available
Xact metal XM200G

Xact Metal XM200G

  • Extremely High performance metal printer with support for multiple lasers
  • Ideal for high-throughput applications where print speed is critical
  • Intuitive Touchscreen User Interface
  • Precision Digital Scanner/Optics
  • Highly Configurable and affordable 
perfactory p4k


  • Exclusive & advanced DLP-based 3D printer with a true 4M pixel projector
  • Advanced DLP 3D printer delivering higher quality surface than ever before
  • Artificial Intelligence for high accuracy and ultra-smooth surface finish
  • Industrial strength parts with high quality finish for aerospace, automotive, biotechnology and healthcare segments

Commercial 3D Printing in the region

Singapore is one of the early adopters of 3D printing in South East Asia. Additive manufacturing is very relevant for countries like Singapore with expensive manpower and a sluggish manufacturing sector. By moving to 3D printing, manufacturers can improve quality through more design freedom, better stability and enhanced ergonomics.

Industrial grade 3D printing in Singapore is on the rise; the Government of Singapore has launched a plethora of initiatives to boost additive manufacturing, like the $200 million Innovation Cluster for Additive manufacturing and the NTU’s Singapore Centre for 3D Printing.

In Singapore, 3D Bots brings to the market the best of commercial 3D printers and services. With an extensive sales and service network in Singapore and South East Asia, 3D Bots is your ideal 3D printing partner in the country.

For industrial 3D Printers capable of deliverying metal-strength end-use parts and functional prototypes
For industrial 3D Printers capable of deliverying metal-strength end-use parts and functional prototypes
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