Nobel 1.0A SLA 3D Printer

Affordable High-Performance Printer

The Nobel 1.0A 3D printer is XYZprinting’s advanced SLA 3D printer that combines professional quality prints with affordability. The Nobel 1.0A uses the stereo-lithography (SL) technology; guaranteeing the user exceptional print quality every single time. It is a superior printer with advanced technology that offers a more efficient and precise printing experience and unmatchable print quality.

A professional grade 3D printer, the Nobel 1.0A has the print resolution of 25 microns, and can be used for projects that require a greater degree of accuracy. This SLA printer uses a ultra-violet laser to cure the photopolymer resin and produces higher resolution for objects with complex geometries. It is simple and easy to use, making it the printer of choice for beginners and professionals alike.


Product Features


Upgraded model with improved laser point precision of 130 microns, higher resolution and improved printing performance

Produces a more accurate X/Y axis resolution than its predecessor; 130 microns as against 300 microns

Plug & Play

Easy-to-use plug and play 3D printer. It requires no assembly or equipment adjustment to operate

Smart Software

Comes bundled with proprietary XYZware software that has the capability of adding support structures to the model, whenever necessary

Software monitors the entire printing process and requires no manual operations


The printer has an impressive auto-refill system that makes the printing process easy and hassle-free. The auto-refill system checks resin levels and tops up the resin tank as and when it is required, ensuring an uncomplicated and effortless experience

Key Benefits & Applications

The Nobel 1.0A 3D printer has the advantage of being the most affordable professional grade desktop SLA printer in the market today. The quality and the accuracy of the prints are outstanding, making it one of the most cost effective models in the market. The printer uses photopolymer resin to create the prints. Multi-coloured acrylic, flexible resin, and castable resins can be used in this versatile printer.

Since it works on the more advanced stereo-lithography technology, it offers several advantages over the more traditional FFF printers. SL printers can be used to print objects of greater complexities and intricacies, with much better finish. They can also be used to print floating parts; designs that would otherwise need printed supports, which results in a cleaner finish.

The Nobel 1.0A 3D printer is perfect for printing intricate projects that require high resolution. The research team at XYZprinting has developed several resin materials that are compatible with this printer, making it a very versatile printer suited for a multitude of applications. It can be used very effectively in prototyping and jewellery making.


Buy XYZprinting’s Nobel 1.0A SLA Printer. For affordable, super-precise 3D printing.

From SGD 3,599 onwards

Printer Usage & Operation

A user-friendly machine from the XYZprinting stable of products, the Nobel 1.0A is a plug and play printer that is extremely easy to set up and operate. It’s X/Y axis resolution is 0.13mm and Z axis resolution up to 0.025mm. A large printer, the Nobel 1.0A allows a maximum build size of 5” x 5” x 7.9”, which is about 25% larger than any typical desktop SL 3D printer in the market. Comes with a starter pack that includes an additional resin tank and two extra packs of resin.

The printer also comes bundled with the advanced XYZware software, which can analyse the model and add support structures, wherever necessary.

See video for first time printing with the XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A SL printer

Technical Specifications

Technology: SL (Stereolithography)

SLA 3D Printers in Singapore

The 3D printing industry has seen major technological advances in the past few years that have made these printers affordable and easily available.  This region has also seen initiatives such as the on-demand 3D printing facility by UPS and Fast Radius which will custom-make items ordered by customers online and delivered by UPS.

SLA 3D Printers have brought 3D printing to enhanced levels by delivering professional grade and intricate prints.  Choose 3D Bots if you are looking for high-quality SLA based 3D Printers.

For a FREE demo of the XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A SLA Printer or other similar 3D printing machines

For a FREE demo of the XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A SLA Printer or other similar 3D printing machines

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