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Industrial Strength 3D Prints

MarkForged dominates the high-strength 3D printing space, enabling effortless manufacturing of structural strength parts on a desktop.  The company is introducing industrial strength 3D printing to every production process.  The vision to empower engineering and also change traditional manufacturing by using the right materials in 3D printing giving end-users savings in cost, time and efficiency.

MarkForged was first noticed when it launched its 3D desktop printer that uses carbon fibre with nylon. Embedding continuous fiber into printed carbon and nylon thereby resulting in a metal-strong composite parts.  Today, the company’s dedicated designers and experienced industry veterans continue to storm the 3D printing industry with innovation and ingenuity.

Founded by an MIT aerospace engineer and based out of Cambridge, MA. MarkForged has attracted investment from top technology venture capital firms in the United States.

Technology & Product Line

The MarkForged product line consists of a technologically advanced range.  Which includes –


Mark X

The Mark X 3D printer is among the largest and most robust printers in the market.  This fibre composite 3D printer boasts of precision sensors, in-process inspection and a wide build area that enables fibre reinforced strong printing and a smooth Onyx surface finish.  This product is known for its scale, dimensional precision and most importantly wide industrial application.

Mark Two Family of Printers

An upgraded version of the Mark One CFF 3D printer, the Mark Two printer is 40 times faster than the Mark One. An ultra-modern range of machines with built in screen and WiFi enabled functions.  Mark Two printers can reinforce nylon and carbon fiber-nylon composite parts with carbon fibre nylon composite parts with carbon fibre, HSHT fibreglass, fibreglass and Kevlar.


The Mark Two utilizes two print heads: one for nylon parts, and the other of continuous fibre that reinforces the nylon based output.  The print bed fits in with an accuracy of 10 microns and allows easy addition of electronic components.

Compared to the Mark One, it can handle fibre reinforcement in objects 15 times smaller, and has an array of software, hardware and other materials for the ultimate output experience.

Key Differentiators for MarkForged

The main USP is the ability to create industrial strength prints.  Key Benefits that MarkForged brings to the 3D printing world are –

Advanced Materials

MarkForged print materials allows one to print end-use reinforced parts.  In lightweight continuous Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and (High Temp) Fiberglass with remarkable strength and dimensional stability. Or for professional quality finish using Onyx which uses Chopped Carbon Fiber (CCF) for standalone or fiber-reinforced parts


Their Desktop machine range retails at affordable price points and comes with their browser Eiger Software enabling engineers to go from design to production.

Awards & Recognition

In view of its product innovation and technology, MarkForged has been accredited with –

ACE Award

ACE award for Material and Process Innovation at the CAMX Show by the American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA), which is the world’s largest composites industry trade group.

Industrial applications of 3D Printing in Singapore

As traditional manufacturing assumes a gradual slowdown, other real life applications such as 3D printing are gaining popularity. This opportunity has been identified by many international companies who have set up 3D facilities locally.

In order to guide and cater to the growing number of 3D printing facilities, the Singapore government has recently launched a 3D Printing Centre of Excellence. This centre is working towards innovation, safety and enhanced engineering applications for all Singapore industry.

At 3D Bots we are dedicated to providing top products for the south-east asian market.

Contact us today for your 3D printing needs and demos of the MarkForged range
Contact us today for your 3D printing needs and demos of the MarkForged range
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