BigRep ONE

Large Scale FFF 3D Printer for professional
& industrial use

Large-format 3D Printers can use a variety of technologies just like the desktop printer. BigRep was one of the first companies to make large-format 3D printers using the fused filament (FFF) technology. With a build volume of over 1 cubic meter (1005 x 1005 x 1005 mm), its flagship printer, the BigRep ONE is perfect for big size printing at low costs. With this large-format printer, the company is setting standards in the full-size 3D printing sector by providing cost-efficient technology for large-scale prototyping and production processes.

The BigRep ONE is incredibly fast and cost-effective and is touted as the starting point for the factory of the future; an advanced 3D printing machine for prosumers looking for an affordable large-size printer. It has all the goodness of precision German engineering and has won the German Design Award 2016 for its impeccable features.



Product Features

Open Format

The BigRep ONE’s open concept allows the user to monitor the print progress. It has integrated sensors to ensure safety and precision.

Modular Print Heads

The printer has two modular and independent print heads that work in synergy to create masterpieces in different colours or materials. Developed by an in-house research team, these print heads are optimized for large scale printing.

Big Build Volume

Its large build size allows users to print objects on a 1:1 scale with one cubic meter volume capacity. This printer is one of the largest commercially available FFF 3D printers in the world.

Flexible Spool Holder

The printer has a specially-designed flexible spool holder that can fit all standard spool sizes and hold several spools up to 10kg. Includes a run-out detection system to warn the user when the spool is about to end.

Key Benefits & Applications

The BigRep ONE has virtually infinite applications. The machine can be used for a range of applications from industrial prototyping to design products that are ready to use. From race car moulding to bathroom tiles, it has garnered many success stories in the field of architecture, engineering and prototyping, etc.

  • Research and development: This printer has great scope in the areas of education and research. It is easy to use and can be used to build large models useful in research. Its open format makes it great for experimentation with additive manufacturing processes.
  • Engineering: The printer can churn out industrial prototypes faster and more cost efficiently than most large format printers, making it ideal for creating better products with easier iterations and shorter development times.
  • Design: Designers have a whole world of opportunities open to them with this printer. It can be installed anywhere and is extremely easy to use, making it possible for artists to print large design projects in-house.


3D Printed Luxury Furniture! Custom Furniture Manufacturing with BigRep
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The BigRep ONE. Buy the most advanced large scale 3D printing experience

Printer Usage & Operation

The BigRep ONE is extremely easy to set up and operate. The fully integrated control unit and touch panel along with the intuitive graphical UI make every print job consistent and error-free. It also has a VPN tunnel that allows easy access to the service team to perform service and maintenance.

The 3D printer has dual modular extruders that can print with materials such as BigRep PLA, BigRep PETG and BigRep Pro HT. The printer uses plastic filament like PLA to offset the warping that ABS filament shows in a large format FFF 3D printer.

Several printers can also be run concurrently as a printer farm to increase speed and efficiency. The printer can print multiple objects separately, thus making the print more efficient and time-saving.

Technical Specifications
Build volume (mm): x1005 y1005 z1005

Layer resolution: 400 – 900 microns / *150 – 400 microns

Positioning accuracy: 100 microns

Extruder: Two modular extrusion heads with fan cooling

Printing technology: FFF – Fused-Filament-Fabrication (FDM)

Certified materials: BigRep PLA, BigRep ProHT, BigRep PETG

Support material: BigRep PVA

Heating strategy: 60° C – 80°C

Printer weight: Approx. 500kg

Size (mm): x1850 y2250 z1725

Power: 208V – 240V, 16A, 50/60Hz

Safety certifications: CE approved

GUI: Onboard with industrial PC

Large-Scale 3D Printing in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

With its large build size and affordable price, BigRep ONE is perfect for design studios, engineering companies and academia looking to test or create innovative products.  Being a hotbed in technology and innovation, companies in Singapore can reap benefits from large scale, big area additive manufacturing by leveraging such 3D printing machines. 3D Bots brings to market the BigRep ONE with local sales & customer support.

Contact us for a FREE demo of the BigRep ONE or other similar 3D printing machines.

Contact us for a FREE demo of the BigRep ONE or other similar 3D printing machines.

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