XM200G Printer Series

Affordable and High Performance Metal

The XM200G printer series is powered by high-performance galvanometer mirrors to meet the specification demands of metal powder-bed fusion (SLM/DMLS) in manufacturing, research and development, and other additive manufacturing applications where print speed, part quality, and affordable price are essential. The XM200G aims to make high-speed metal 3D printing available to wider audience.


Xact metal XM200G

Top Features

xm200g multiple lasers
xm200g configuration options
Affordable Printing

The XM200G is based on the proven, easy-to-use and cost-effective design of Xact Metal’s XM200C metal 3D printer. It integrates a high-performance galvanometer system to move the laser beam over the powder bed. This architecture allows for faster printing times and the ability to support multiple lasers.

Highly Configurable

In addition, the XM200G is highly configurable to match different applications. It offers a 100, 200 or 400W fiber laser option, upgrade capability to a water-cooled galvanometer for higher stability, a large build volume, glovebox option to ease powder handling, integrated powder-handling system, option for additional sensors etc

High Performance

The XM200G offers the option of using two lasers at one time with either a 100% overlapping work area using a 100 µm spot size or a 66% overlapping work area using a 50 µm spot size. This multi-laser system further increases build print speeds.

XM200G Specs



Large Build Volume

150 x 150 x 150 mm
(5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 in)



650 x 780 x 1,930 mm³ – W x D x H
(25.6 x 30.7 x 76 in³)



  • XM200G – Single 100W, 200W, or 400W Yb fiber laser
  • XM200G2 – Dual 100W, 200W, or 400W Yb fiber lasers

*Class 1 Laser Product



  • XM200G – ~6 to 9 cc/hr
  • XM200G2 – ~12 to 16 cc/hr

Powder Options

To learn more about Xact Metal powder options, please contact our team


Open Architecture

Allows qualified users the ability to develop their own printing parameters or use their own powder.


Easy Access & Cleaning of Build Area

Top lid opening access build chamber provides quick setup and changeover times.


Modern software architecture

Streamlined, intuitive and functional platform that supports visual workflows.

Cloud connectivity of one or more printers is also available, allowing monitoring of the printing process from anywhere.

Intuitive touchscreen user interface

Meets the Needs of Various Industries

The XM200G tailors to customers who are starting their entry into metal 3D printing in various applications, including product development, tooling manufacturing, metal powder-bed research and workforce development. It aims to further expand the use of metal 3D printing in aerospace, automotive, general manufacturing, medical and other industries.

Contact us for more info on XM200G/XM200G2, our team of experts are always happy to help

Contact us for more info on XM200G/XM200G2, our team of experts are always happy to help

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