Metal X

Breakthrough in Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing provides a unique value proposition.  It gives the capability for on-demand manufacture of end use parts thereby avoiding the need to hold extensive stock or spare parts.  Resulting in specialised parts being churned out faster and small run parts being produced cheaper.  Besides, it can also offer improved design of parts with increased ability to manufacture beyond traditional manufacturing.

Until now, Metal 3D Printers meant million dollars’ worth of equipment occupying huge amount of space.  With the predominant technology used being Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Select Laser Melting (SLM).

The Metal X from MarkForged introduces a whole new concept to metal 3D printing giving a cheaper and smarter alternative.


Product Features

Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM)

Enables printing closed objects with internal geometries that help reduce weight of the metal part.

Inexpensive & Practical

Marketed at under 100K, it costs much less than other Metal 3D Printers available today.  An affordable way to get started in 3D metal printing.

In-Process Inspection Capability

Features in-built quality control system whereby a Laser sensor on the print head inspects the parts for dimensional accuracy and alerts during the printing process itself.

End-use parts with precision details

Produces 95 to 99 % dense metal parts with a layer resolution of 50 microns.  Allows user to define a tolerance specification to ensure it always meets the spec.

Key Benefits & Applications

The ADAM technique used by this printer allows for creation of complex internal geometric patterns like the closed cell hexagonal infills, thereby producing a hollow inner core that’s encased in a solid outer shell.  Such capabilities cannot be gained using the conventional metal 3D printing method of DMLS or the traditional manufacturing which follows the subtractive concept.

This results in lighter weight parts while still maintaining the structural integrity.  Thus, making this printer well-suited not only for the Aerospace and Automotive sectors but also for a host of other industries which need lightweight parts with smooth exterior surfaces.

With current metal 3D printing solutions costing over half a million to a million dollars, the Metal X from MarkForged offers a much easier and affordable solution for metal based additive manufacturing.


See introduction video of the MarkForged Metal X 3D Printer
Metal X. Buy metal 3D printing capability that’s smarter and cheaper.

Printer Usage & Operation


The Metal X still uses the fused filament process by employing tubes or rods of powered metal bound with plastic, in which metal powder is contained within a plastic binder.  A cartridge of these filaments feeds the material to the print head, which prints the object layer by layer, melting the plastic and fusing it to the preceding layer.  Much like the atomic diffusion bonding process but here the plastic material disappears after the 3D printing.

So, once the printing process is complete, the part has to be placed in a traditional sintering furnace.  By sintering, the ADAM technique allows metal crystals to grow through the bonded layers burning out the plastic, effectively erasing the layer-to-layer strength reduction of other 3D printing processes and what’s left is a nearly fully dense metal part.

The printer currently prints with 17-4 and 303 stainless steel. However, other metals are already under development, including A-2, D-2 and M-2 tooling steel for injection molding, as well as 6061 and 7075 Aluminium and 6AL 4V Titanium.

Technical Specifications
Build Volume: 250 mm x 220 mm x 200 mm (WDH)

Product Size: 575 mm x 467 mm x 1432 mm

Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Inspection Parameters: 50 micron beam diameter, 1 micron Z resolution

Z Layer Resolution: 50 microns

17-4 Stainless Steel
303 Stainless Steel
6061 Aluminum (Beta)
7075 Aluminum (Beta)
A-2 Tool Steel (Beta)
D-2 Tool Steel (Beta)
IN Alloy (Inconel) 625 (Beta)
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Beta)

Software Features:
SaaS deployment
Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication
Organization Admin Portal
Early Access to New Features


Metal 3D Printing in Singapore

Singapore is home to a burgeoning aerospace and aviation industry.  Industry heavyweights such as Rolls Royce, GE Aviation, etc have setup here and are constantly investing in innovative technologies and R & D with support from the government.  Adoption of emerging technologies like 3D printing and robotics are always being encouraged for various initiatives.

Metal 3D printing solutions are featuring prominently in new projects more than ever before.  The allure of manufacturing as a service is also driving greater focus and interest in 3D printing in general.  Singapore based 3D Bots brings to market printers like the Metal X with local sales and support helping companies leverage the advancements in Additive manufacturing technology.

For a FREE demo of the MarkForged Metal X or other similar 3D printing machines
For a FREE demo of the MarkForged Metal X or other similar 3D printing machines
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