Engineering Grade 3D Prints

Fields such as medical technology demand high-end 3D printing solutions.  With printing precision being a basic requirement, it also needs to deliver high-performance with high-tech printing materials.  Specialised requirements like these warrant controlled environments with print capabilities to print optimally.  The BigRep TECH from BigRep GmbH has been developed specially for industrial manufacturing tasks printing at high temperature with plastic polycarbonate materials.  Originally known as the VP 75 it is the result of one and a half years of development work.


Product Features

High Precision Delta System

Features Delta style printing which can build up to 100g/h.  With the ActuProbe self-calibration technology to initiate speedier production.

Vacuum Table

VacuFlat fixed surface technology enables optimal bonding and adhesion for different types of materials.


Optimal Print Quality

Full enclosed heated chamber offers accurate heating and controlled environment with a build area of 400 mm x 600 mm (75 litres).

Easy Setup with Intuitive UI

Simple setup for any environment. Comes with a large 10 inch touchscreen panel for easy control, diagnostics and monitoring of the printing process.

Key Benefits & Applications

Developed in partnership with another German 3D technology company called Kuhling & Kuhling, the BigRep TECH can print with technical plastic polycarbonate.  This material is well suited for medical technology applications on account of its high strength, impact resistance, hardness, and durability.

Its 0.5mm pre-installed nozzle/extruder is equipped to deal with the most demanding 3D prints and materials, and can reach temperatures up to 500°C. Optionally a 0.75 mm nozzle is also available separately.

On account of its high performance and high-tech printing materials used, this printer is positioned for high-end printing solutions.  Perfect for the medical market for things such as printed prosthetics.


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BigRep TECH. Buy state-of-the-art technology for engineering-grade 3D prints

Printer Usage & Operation

The BigRep TECH has been tested extensively with polymaker PC filaments and offers outstanding ease of operation with full process automation. The rigid steel body with an acrylic glass door encloses an actively heated environment (including the print table) to maintain durable prints from standard thermoplastics as well as technical plastics.

The integrated 10″ capacitive touch screen controller provides an easy user-interface for stand-alone operation.  This printer comes with a free, open source slicing software with optimized configuration presets.

Technical Specifications

Product: X:80cm Y:74cm Z: 220cm

Additive Fabrication for Industrial Manufacturing

With its large build volume in a controlled environment and the capability to precision print with high-tech materials, the BigRep TECH is primed for processing small and mid-scale batches with engineering grade materials.  The med-tech segment can now benefit from BigRep’s latest product offering.  3D Bots brings the BigRep TECH and other printers from BigRep in Singapore, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries with local sales & customer support.

For a FREE demo of the BigRep TECH or other similar 3D printing machines

For a FREE demo of the BigRep TECH or other similar 3D printing machines

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