Universal bioink optimized for 3D bioprinting of human tissue

Founded in January 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez, Cellink AB is the premierbioink company in the world. It works to develop and bring to market, bioprinting technologies for 3D printing human tissues and organs for new drug discovery, research and development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. This drastically reduces the need for animal testing, results in lower failure rates for clinical trials. CELLINK’s patent pending bioink is a path breaking innovative material that helps fabricate human cells that grow and flourish as natural cells would.

Just within a year of its existence, CELLINK was able to expand its product reach to more than 40 countries and has sold its products to renowned labs viz, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and FDA. CELLINK technology is now available in Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Technology & Product Line

CELLINK manufactures and marketsbioinks, 3D bioprinters and related consumables for research purposes. Products in this category include –



Bio X is the bioprinter of choice for life science companies, innovators and researchers. Comes with the patent pending Clean Chamber Technology, andboth pneumatic and syringe extrusion which make it possible to bioprint an array of bioinks and cells.



CELLINK’s INKREDIBLE range of printers, offer the perfect product bridge between the industrial and professional sphere. They come with UV Crosslinking System which congeals the structure while it is being printed. The INKREDIBLE range of printers can be used with a variety of bioinks available at CELLINK or can be customised with materials manufactured in research labs.



The Matribot is a desktop bioprinter and biodispenser designed especially for extracellular matrices.It comes with the advanced and recently developed cooled print head technology which diminishes the need of maintaining temperature-sensitive materials while printing.

Key Differentiators

There are several key aspects that lend the CELLINK range of printers a unique value proposition. The CELLINK printers are highly adaptable to a horde of biomaterials, even those fabricated in research labs. In addition to that, the printers come with intelligent print heads and can be customised with the researchers’ preferred dispensing technology or methods. Lastly, CELLINK offers a range of products for all sections of the researcher community, novices to established ones.

Awards & Recognition

Owing to its pioneering work, CELLINK has been awarded with –

Red Dot Award for Product Design

CELLINK’s Bio X won the Red Dot award in 2018, which is a prestigious award judged by most significant designers in the industry. Products from 59 countries participated this year.

Nordic Health/Lifestyle Tech Startup Of The Year Award

This award is given by Nordic Startup awards and the process in 2017 involved 25+ ambassadors, 40+ national jury members, 35+ regional jury members from various parts of the world including Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Europe.

Arvid Carlsson Entrepreneurship Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park

Founders of CELLINK – Eric Gatenholm and Hector Martinez were awarded the Arvid Carlsson award in 2017 by Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson. The award is given out to entrepreneurs driving progress in the field of healthcare and general welfare.

Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship

CELLINK’s CEO, Eric Gatenholm won the Anders Wall Award organised by in New York by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Biomedical Research in Singapore

Singaporean has nurtured the setup of a vibrant research & development community in the field of biomedical and precision engineering. For example the Biomedical Research Council at the iconic research hub Biopolis at One North oversees many a research institutes and facilities. Biomedical manufacturing is also supporting the manufacturing output of Singapore with growing numbers.Several international and home grown institutions are investing in the field of bio medical research by way of 3D bioprinting for new drug / treatment discovery and research in regenerative medicine.

We at 3DBots are committed to our endeavour to help novices and professionals navigate the products available as per their applications, and contribute towards scientific discovery in 3D bioprinting. By bringing cutting-edge technology from companies like CELLINK we are proud to play a part in this golden age of medical research in Southeast Asia.

Contact us today for your 3D Bio printing needs and demo of the CELLINK range

Contact us today for your 3D Bio printing needs and demo of the CELLINK range

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