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Large Format 3D Printing

BigRep is a Berlin based technology start-up known for its innovation, precision and sheer brilliance.  A fresh but futuristic company, BigRep initiated a new wave in 3D manufacturing with its huge 3D printer, the BigRep ONE. With its 1m³ volume, the BigRep ONE is the biggest 3D printer in the market today that specializes in large scale 3D printing for industries spanning across all verticals.

Founded in 2014 by CEO & co-founder René Gurka, BigRep comprises of an interdisciplinary team of over 60 ranging from Engineers, industrial designers to business experts.

BigRep Product Line & Technology

Its key offering the BigRep ONE boasts features such as –


Convenient design

A simple touch screen mechanism makes operations easy and intuitive. A dedicated VPN tunnel to the BigRep service team, allows efficient service and maintenance. The flexible spool holder is designed for all spool sizes weighing up to 10 kg.


Simple & Precise Monitoring

Quality and progress of print job can be monitored easily owing to the open build volume.



Modular Print Heads

Print heads can be controlled independently. One can alter print speed and material expelled by each head while printing.


Making it suitable for big-sized 3D printing applications for Engineering & Rapid Prototyping; Art & Architecture; Research & Development fields.

Key Differentiators for BigRep

The main USP is the ability to print large sized objects with professional finish


Large Format Printing

BigRep’s main differentiator is to produce large scale 3D printing in an affordable and readily available format.  It gives a massive build volume dimensions of up to X – 1005mm, Y – 1005mm, Z – 1005 mm.  The largest FFF build volume in the market today (over one cubic metre).

Awards & Recognition

BigRep’s technological innvoation has been recognized with –

Design Award

German Design Award 2016 awarded annually by the German Design Council.

Singapore 3D Printing Industry

The Singapore government allotted $500 million from the period 2013 to 2018 towards new age manufacturing of which 3D printing plays a major a part. The first sectors to benefit from this initiative were Medicine and Aerospace.

Today, 3D printing is making an impact in the manufacturing, research, & development, healthcare and high technology industries in Singapore. World renowned brands such as BigRep are making their products available in this dynamic market to boost manufacturing and prototype quality.

3D Bots brings BigRep technology to clients in Singapore and Malaysia, complete with local support and customer care.  For further info

3D Bots brings BigRep technology to clients in Singapore and Malaysia, complete with local support and customer care.  For further info

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